ClikIT Care Launches: Simple WordPress Maintenance and Support

Your WordPress Help Desk is Here

BLOOMINGTON, ILL. – Your personalized WordPress maintenance and support is finally here with ClikIT Care. 

Businesses and individuals have been turning to WordPress for years to launch their website whether that be for a side hustle or their growing business. While WordPress has been a leader as a web content management system, users often find the setup and maintenance confusing and frustrating.

This has led to an entire market for WordPress templates and plugins. However, there’s a problem. With so many customized and third-party products, finding support when your website crashes can feel next to impossible. 

ClikIT Care is the solution to this problem! They offer WordPress support from minor glitches to website hacks. ClikIT Care also offers regular site maintenance. They are a one-stop shop to keep your website up-and-running and in top-notch condition.

In fact, ClikIT Care is a domain registrar and website host with over 100+ beautiful templates for most industries, so all the hard work is done for you. You no longer have to worry about finding a web host, developer, and designer. ClikIT Care covers it all.

This is your invitation to stop taking reactive measures and embrace the power of proactive maintenance. With developers standing by via ticket and live chat support, ClikIT Care’s triage team can manage any emergency you may face so you can get back online in a flash. Monthly plans start at $99 or you can take advantage of a one-time fix.

“WordPress support has been lacking for a while due to customized content, plugins, etc… but we are aiming to change all that,” said founder and owner, Blake Whittle. “Our goal is to provide support for all aspects of your website. As expert developers, we’ve laid the foundation for everything you need, and we can provide superior support and solutions whether it’s making a plugin play nice with your website, making a template work, or fixing something that is broken.”

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