Do we only provide support and maintenance for websites your company builds?

If I’m honest, I’ve been surprised how often we’re asked the question above. Many people assume that if they reach out for website support, they will have to build an entirely new website.

In many cases, we see people who have a great website design but have been left without a sustainable maintenance plan to make sure that website continues to serve them well. In some cases, they may have worked with a service provider that doesn’t offer ongoing support, have been frustrated with a lack of responsiveness, or thought they could tackle the ongoing maintenance of their WordPress website on their own and have simply been overwhelmed.

So our answer to the question? Yes, we absolute provide support and maintenance for websites we didn’t build! Of course, there are always cases where we may have recommendations for updates, additions, or changes that would serve you better (especially if you’re working with an older website), but we would never recommend a new website just for the sake of it.

Our team manages over 200 websites, and our monthly maintenance plans through ClikIT Care include:

  • Weekly Updates: Weekly Theme, Plugin, and WordPress updates are included to maintain security and add features to your site.
  • Security Monitoring & Hardening: Avoid the hassle of a hacked WordPress website and avoid Google’s blacklist.
  • SEO Monitoring: Search engine rankings are dynamic and require consistent maintenance to prevent a decline in performance.
  • Daily Backups: Our system creates daily backups of your site which are encrypted with 256AES and uploaded securely to a data center in the United States.
  • Uptime Monitoring: We provide 24/7-website monitoring services to ensure your site’s uptime.
  • Monthly Reports: Receive monthly reports on your dashboard to monitor your website’s performance.
  • Ecommerce Support: We’re here to ensure that your WordPress e-commerce store is taken care of and you never lose a sale.
  • Discounted Rates on Additional Development: Get the additional benefit of discounted rates for custom development work or one time fixes done through ClikIT Care.

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