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Theme or Plugin Troubleshooting

WordPress sites often run into issues due to theme or plugin conflicts.We can diagnose and fix such conflicts, or to repair issues after a WordPress update. This can include updating or replacing problematic plugins, fixing theme code, and ensuring compatibility.

Security Audit and Enhancement

Security is a major concern for website owners. You could offer a one-time service to audit the website for security vulnerabilities and apply necessary fixes. This might include installing and configuring security plugins, setting up firewalls, implementing SSL certificates, and securing login pages.

Accessibility Compliance

Ensuring that a website is accessible to users with disabilities is not only ethical but also required by law in many regions. You can offer a service to audit and modify the site to meet web accessibility standards, like WCAG.

Admin Access Restoration

Sometimes, users get locked out of their WordPress admin area due to security issues, password problems, or user role changes. You can offer a service to regain access to the WordPress dashboard. This might involve resetting passwords, creating new admin accounts via FTP or phpMyAdmin, or troubleshooting plugins or themes that might be causing access issues.

Database Connection Error Fix

The "Error establishing a database connection" is a common issue in WordPress, indicating the site is unable to connect to its database. Your service can include checking the wp-config.php file for correct database information, assessing the server's database health, and liaising with the web hosting provider if the issue is on their end.

Critical Error Troubleshooting

WordPress sites may encounter critical errors that disrupt normal operations, often after updates or changes to the site. Offering a service to fix critical errors involves analyzing error logs, identifying and resolving syntax errors, compatibility issues between plugins/themes and the core WordPress software, or server configuration problems. This service is vital for restoring a site to a functional state.

White Screen of Death (WSOD)

The WSOD is a common WordPress error where the site becomes completely blank. This service would involve diagnosing and fixing the underlying causes, which can range from plugin or theme conflicts, PHP errors, to memory limit issues. You'd troubleshoot by disabling plugins, switching to a default theme, increasing memory limits, or debugging PHP code to resolve the problem.

Upload Issues

Users sometimes face issues with uploading files, such as images not appearing or file size errors. You can offer a service to resolve these issues, which might involve changing file permissions, modifying server settings, or increasing file size limits in the WordPress configuration.

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